Dr. Bernard Arocha: Fundamentals of Artistic Hair Restoration

When a patient first meets with Dr. Bernard Arocha for a consultation at Arocha Hair Restoration, it is typical for the Dr. to spend time assessing not only how much hair loss has occurred but also how much hair remains on the scalp. If an artistic hair transplant is determined to be the best hair restoration approach for the patient, the healthy hair becomes very important.

Dr. Bernardino Arocha of Arocha Hair Restoration has a keen eye for fine art and is an avid art collector. He brings that same artistic passion to his work with patients. In fact, Dr. Arocha describes what he does as, “artistic hair restoration.”

Just as great sculptors and painters take time to form shapes with their tools that are pleasing, Dr. Arocha and his team carefully create works of art with hair. The goal is to achieve a natural, undetectable result that meets or exceeds the patient’s goals.