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Keys to Hair Transplant Success: Do Your Research

Dr. Bernardino Arocha of Arocha Hair Restoration (https://arochahairrestoration.com) says there are a number of things hair transplant patients should examine before choosing a hair restoration surgeon.

First, does the doctor’s website have a large selection of before and after photos showcasing their hair restoration results? If not, that’s a warning sign that perhaps the doctor lacks experience. Are the “after” patient photos on the website taken from angles that make the results look better than they really are? Always look for before and after photos that are shot from the same angle so you can really see the difference.

Another indication that a hair restoration surgeon is qualified is their training. There are relatively few hair transplant surgeons who are fellowship trained in hair transplant surgery. It is an indication of a doctor who has experience and really focuses on hair transplants, rather than just dabbling in hair as part of a larger cosmetic surgery practice.

Dr. Arocha says the gold standard in credentials is certification by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.

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