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Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

fut treatmentBoth FUT and FUE have a common final pathway: the hair artwork creation. They are methods for procuring the raw material for the execution of the hair artwork. In FUT the harvest method involves the numbing of the small donor area with local anesthetics. The donor ellipse is carefully excised and closed with advanced suturing techniques.

fut treatment male The removed donor is then processed carefully under the microscope. This ensures the most intact follicular units to maximize subsequent growth. This technique has been shown to yield the highest percentages of growth 92% one and two hair FUs and over 95% three or more hair FUs. This technique results in a linear scar but it is usually covered by hair hence not visible. An advantage is that if additional surgeries are desired then the donor scar can be removed as part of the second procedure alone with the desired donor tissue. A disadvantage is that wounds require 6-12 months to mature. Exerting tension force vectors on the premature wound increase the risk of widening the resultant scar.

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