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Rocking Results!

Being a touring musician, I am usually in the limelight and try to keep my young looks. Last year, I noticed that my hair was thinning out on top faster than before and I decided to do some thing about it. I didn’t care if I had to travel far to get the results I was looking for. I was very close to going to Vancouver, Canada to get my hair restoration. For a couple of months, I heavily researched hair restoration clinics all over North America and I kept coming across Houston’s Dr. Arocha. I meticulously looked over his website’s photo gallery looking for imperfections, but I could not find any. I also looked at reviews on him. I decided that the next time I took a trip to Houston, I would make an appointment with Dr. Arocha. In May of 2014, I finally made my way to Houston and went to my consultation. Skeptical at first because of the last doctor I went to, I asked all the questions I needed to ask and listened to the doctor as well.

I finally decided to go with Arocha and made my appointment for the procedure. The time finally came in late July of 2014. I was very well taken care of the moment I walked through the door. The staff was very hospitable and we cracked jokes and listened to music as my procedure was being done. The food they gave me for lunch was also great. They made sure to accommodate me with a follow up on a Saturday morning since the wife and I drove 6 hours just for the procedure. Post-procedure and the follow up appointments went smoothly. I look at the before and after pictures, and I am amazed at how fast my hair has grown in in the past 8 months. I have noticed a big difference on how fuller my hair looks. I can’t wait to see the results at 1 year. I am very pleased so far with the results.

Thank you Dr. Arocha, Craig, and the rest of the staff for making me feel like family every time I walk into the office!

-Dani G.