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I Was Very Pleased…Thank You Dr. Arocha

I’ve taken several months to consider my experience but I wanted to take the time to write this down for anyone that might benefit. Dr. Bernard Arocha and the people at Arocha Hair Restoration are fantastic. I was not bald but I had a deep recession of my hairline in the temples that made me look ten years older than I am. It’s not fun getting turned down for dates after a woman looks up at my hairline. I don’t want to sound cheesy but that is exactly what used to happen and is exactly what does NOT happen any more. I am simply blown away by how this has changed my life. My hairline is now intact and fully reconstructed so that means I look my age now. Actually, I look younger, or so my friends tell me, but the point is that I feel better because I think I look better. That may be why I’m having better luck with the ladies, the confidence thing, because I was VERY self conscious about my hair in the past.

If you are having issues with your hair go see Dr. Arocha. He’s a really nice guy,easy to talk to, and he has a beautiful office. Don’t start talking to him about art because he’ll talk your ear off. He’s really a big fan of the arts:) His people seem to really care, too. After I had my surgery ( it was called follicular unit surgery) I had a lot of questions that I didn’t think to ask before but the clinic was always available to answer them. I didn’t really have any surprises, but they were questions I should have thought of earlier. I once called to say that my new hairs were already growing, which I thought they were, but they informed me that they weren’t and that they would fall out in a few more days, which they did, but thankfully they all grew back a few months later. This is normal apparently but I was hoping I was the exception and they’d just start growing immediately.

Anyway, the entire experience was A+. I was scared out of my wits to do this but in the end it was a great decision that I’m happy I made. Do your research, which is what they preached to me, and learn as much as you can and in the end, if you find anyone better or more up front about the procedure, go to them instead. They really are about educating their patients which is why I chose them in the end.