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Just had my surgery from Dr Arocha and crew. F*^king awesome!!! I researched for over a year on and off on different surgeons. Nobody who is legit has a bad thing to say about him let alone his work. The pictures he has all over the web along with his site of before and after speak for themselves. I could go on and on telling how great he was but a lot of others already have. I will say that I had anxiety at first especially the 24 hours leading up to the surgery and thinking about the money I’m about to spend, but I then realized I’d looked like a total mutant without hair and I need to keep my hair. The minute I walked in the door of his awesome clean modern office, I felt at ease. He’s a straight shooter does amazing work and I would recommend him to my family and closest friends let alone anyone else who wants to have a procedure and have it done right. Yes it’s a bit expensive but it will last your whole life. Just do what he says, listen and you’ll understand why he’s so highly recommended. Kudos to the Dr, his sidekick Craig and the other ladies who helped. You all did awesome. Good job
Pat H