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Valuable Advice from Arocha Hair Restoration Patients

Medical Treatment for Hair LossAfter meeting with literally thousands of people concerned about their hair loss, we at Arocha Hair Restoration have a pretty good idea what’s on the minds of our patients. The are concerned about their looks, rightfully skeptical and cautious about dubious treatments, and uncertain about what they should do.

“For years I had yearned for a procedure to become available that would provide natural looking results and without the risk of being perceptible to others that I had had a transplant done,” write Pablos, a patient of Arocha Hair Restoration who posted his feedback on Citysearch. “I remembered seeing the obvious transplant jobs in the 1990s and they had scared me away from wanting the procedure. Now, however, I was beginning to see…much more natural looking results. But, I remained skeptical. I feared most becoming known as ‘that guy with the transplant’ at parties and social events. The most important reason to choose Dr. Arocha is to get results that look as natural as your original hair – and even better.

When people visit our offices for a complimentary consultation or talk with us over the phone, we are happy to educate them about hair restoration options. As Pablos notes, the sophistication of the procedures and quality of patient outcomes have made tremendous leaps during the past 20 years.

We walk patients through everything from the use of devices such as laser caps, medical treatments such as Finasteride and Minoxidil, therapies such as Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) injections, minimally invasive treatments such as scalp micropigmentation (SMP), and of course surgical solutions – a hair transplant – such as Dr. Bernard Arocha’s artistic hair restoration procedure.

“There is a lot of information out there in the world of hair loss and it was overwhelming, but when I spoke with Dr. Arocha during the free facetime consultation, I immediately felt reassured I was on the right track,” said patient O.T. of Temecula, Calif. who posted his feedback on Yelp. “Dr. Arocha is a high-quality doctor with kind bedside manners and is very easy to talk to. During this consultation, he evaluated my hair loss and recommended a non-surgical approach called PRP + Acell.”

If someone is just beginning to learn about their hair restoration options, it can be overwhelming, so we take our time and direct them toward resources that can establish a solid foundation of knowledge.

“My advice to anyone is do your research,” said patient Austin W., who came to Arocha Hair Restoration from Pasadena, Calif. and posted his feedback on Yelp. “Look at before and after photos. See how long (the doctor has) been practicing and also make sure that hair is all they do. A lot of doctors add hair transplant to their list of services instead of it being their only focus.”

Arocha Hair Restoration presents its before and after photos on the Gallery page. You’ll find nine different categories showing the various types of services and outcomes. For instance, we break out the male and female patients who had follicular unit transplantation (FUT) procedures. This is where we remove a long thin sliver of tissue from the back of the patient’s scalp and then harvest donor hair follicles from that strip. This procedure leaves a fine scar, which Dr. Arocha works to minimize. Photos of these scars are also available in the Gallery. You can also find before and after photos of patients who had follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedures, examples of PRP, SMP facial hair restoration and corrective restoration, where Dr. Arocha has helped patients who weren’t satisfied with the work of other doctors.

“I consider before and after photos to be our most important educational tool and our most persuasive marketing tool for prospective patients,” said Dr. Arocha. “We pride ourselves on the fact that when we take the photos, we position the shots at the same angles and with the same lighting. We are aware of the tricks some play that make the results look better. We never try to hide anything or enhance how the patient looks – what you see is the natural and undetectable result the patient achieved.”

Pablos says Dr. Arocha restored his hairline and used his artistic skills to “bring it back more attractive than it was before.” His only regret is he didn’t do it sooner.

“If you’re on the fence because you fear an unnatural result, my results should encourage you to move forward with it,” said Pablos. “Two years later my decision is still one of the best decisions of my life.”

If you are experiencing hair loss, Dr. Arocha can consult with you one-on-one to determine the best course of action. Contact Arocha Hair Restoration or call 713-526-HAIR.