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What Can I Expect My Eyebrow Restoration Results to Look Like?


With surgical eyebrow transplantation, you can restore lost hair in the eyebrows and gain a new level of confidence in your appearance. Dr. Bernardino Arocha has been successfully helping patients address eyebrow hair loss for many years and employs some of the latest hair restoration techniques to provide results that look natural. With that in mind, there are a few things to be aware of regarding the outcome of the procedure and when you can expect to see full results.

Most eyebrow transplantation procedures involve the meticulous grafting of hairs taken from donor areas on the sides or back of the head onto the areas of hair loss in the eyebrows. In the first few days after the procedure, most patients will experience a bit of bleeding and scabbing in the treatment areas, but this should dissipate rather quickly. One of the most important things you should know to expect after eyebrow transplantation is that the transplanted hairs will fall out within the first few weeks. This is exactly what is supposed to happen and the transplanted follicles should begin sprouting new hairs shortly after, with the rate of growth continuing apace as it normally would. The results often become significantly noticeable after about six months, with the full outcome apparent at about 18 months following the procedure.

Dr. Arocha blends the worlds of surgery and art in all of his customized eyebrow transplantation procedures, utilizing techniques designed to precisely place the hairs in such a way that takes into account proper direction, shape, and angle. With eyebrow restoration procedures from an experienced and board-certified hair transplant surgeon, the chances are greater for achieving natural-looking, beautiful results.