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Choosing a Hair Restoration Surgeon

Hair Restoration ResultsSurgical hair restoration technologies and techniques have become extraordinarily advanced over the years. Procedures such as Follicular Unit Extraction, the ARTAS® Robotic System, and others have taken hair replacement from the days of “hair plugs” well into the future – where natural-looking, long-lasting results make it appear that your hair had never been lost. With that in mind, it’s very important to note that the potential for the most satisfactory results often rests in the hands of your hair restoration surgeon. This makes it vital to thoroughly research your options in order to choose an experienced doctor with a proven track record of exceptional results.

There are several hair surgeons on the market, but very few provide the results that we get with our patients here at Arocha Hair Restoration. In many cases, we are called upon to perform corrective hair transplant surgery in order to fix problems or address dissatisfaction that has arisen from another hair doctor’s work. Ultimately, the thing to remember is that not all transplant centers are created equal. When choosing your surgeon, be sure to review his or her credentials and never be afraid to ask questions about their background, experience, and philosophy of care. Take a look at the procedures they offer and inquire about their skill level and history of successful outcomes. It can also be very beneficial to view some before-and-after photos of patients who have had treatment from the surgeon you are considering.

Our experienced hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Bernardino Arocha, believes that each and every patient deserves the absolute best in care and results that meet – and perhaps even exceed – their expectations. To learn more about Dr. Arocha, or to schedule a consultation to talk more about your goals, please contact Arocha Hair Restoration today.