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Can I Get Hair Transplant Surgery for My Eyebrows?


Eyebrow transplant procedures basically utilize the same surgical techniques as hair transplantation for the scalp. This involves the relocation of donor hair – typically from the sides or back of the head – onto the eyebrows. The loss of hair in the eyebrows can be due to a number of causes, including medical conditions, genetics, trauma, and over-plucking.

Since mild hair loss in the eyebrows may be treatable with non-surgical options such as ROGAINE®, ideal candidates for eyebrow transplants are usually those who have severe levels of eyebrow hair loss. Good candidates must also have an adequate amount of hair on the back and sides of the head for transplantation. Our board-certified hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Bernardino Arocha, has decades of experience with a variety of surgical hair restoration techniques. His goal is to transplant individual strands of hair onto the eyebrows with meticulous attention to ensuring that the direction, shape, and angle of the hair yields natural-looking results.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Arocha, he will examine the type and texture of the hair in the donor areas and evaluate the level of hair loss in your eyebrows. Once he has answered your questions and talked with you about your options, Dr. Arocha can determine whether eyebrow transplantation, medical options, or a combination of the two will be best for your unique needs.