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Hair Restoration Post-Surgical Recovery

The state of the art follicular unit transplantation is the ultra-refined follicular unit transplantation, using follicular units (FUs)that have been trimmed of the excess tissue under the binocular microscope. These follicular units have all the essential anatomic parts that ensure its rapid growth, while avoiding any excess tissue. These ultra-refined fu s allow the creation of the smallest sites. These minimal sites are important for two reasons:

1. They allow the creation of very closely placed sites, hence greater density

2. The small sites facilitate the rapid healing, so as to minimize the post-surgical recovery and hasten rapid resolution of any trace of the procedure.

.9 mm sites in the hairline allow the creation of density with one procedure. Note these are coronal sites that fix the exit angle of the hair to create precise angling.
Close up of the hairline only one day after the procedure. Note that the patient has a wet look, yet his hair already looks improved; there is less visible bald scalp.
This Before photo was taken only a day prior to the procedure.

So impressed was the patient, Ben Howard, that he told the Morning News anchor on Fox 26, that he looked improved immediately after the procedure. While he was correct, we do not wish to set such a high expectation. We are happy to settle for 3-4 months for results to be apparent. That is regarded as an early response in the industry.