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Arocha Total Hair Restoration Process

For the man with hair loss, who has good donor density and favorable hair characteristics, the Arocha Total Restoration procedure can produce excellent results in less than one year. This procedure combines maximal hair restoration surgery with maximal medical hair restoration to achieve optimal results in record time. The hair restoration surgery is maximized by:

1. Detail scalp examination;
2. Careful selection and harvesting of the donor hair;
3. The harvest yield needs to be sufficient to restore adequate recipient area density;
4. The recipient sites need to be made with careful attention to both angle and direction, so as to obtain the best shingling and lift for the appearance of greater density;
5. Optimal handling of the donor tissue;
6. Expedient and careful placing of the grafts.

The maximal medical hair restoration component is achieved through the use of combination medical therapies. In the hands of an experienced hair restoration surgeon, these techniques ensure excellent results that developed gradually over the course of 6 to 12 months.