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Which is better FUE or FUT? Houston Hair Surgeon Speaks Out

There are advantages to both techniques as there are some disadvantages to each. Each technique is worthwhile to have in the armament to battle hair loss and for a complete approach to state of the art hair restoration. Remember that no matter which donor harvesting technique is employed, the actual transplant is performed the same way. In essence, these are donor- harvesting techniques so the “paint” is obtained. The painting or picture is then drawn through the site creation process.

The use of punches to harvest donor tissue is not new. A 4mm punch was employed decades ago to harvest donor. In today’s state of the art FUE a 1 mm punch is used to incise the scalp followed by blunt dissection to free the rest of the follicle. This modern day technique has been developed by Dr. Harris in his safe-scribe system.

Dr. Bernard Arocha of Houston, and Dallas comments on the areas where FUE Hair Surgery may be useful:

  1. Small sessions
  2. In repair cases to remove grafts or follicles that are not optimal or appear unnatural due to improper location, aberrant angle or improper direction
  3. In very tight scalps or after maximal harvest through FUT
  4. In small cases in patients who desire to style hair very short
  5. In body hair transplants ie to transplant chest to scalp
  6. To hide scars
  7. In patients that cannot or will not limit tension on the neck for 6-12 months or until the scar matures.

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