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Tricomin – Copper Peptide Technology

TRICOMIN – Scientific based Hair Loss and Hair Care Products
Here at Arocha Hair Restoration we believe in using several different methods to fight the war against hair loss. One of the product lines we recommend for our patients and sell for purchase is a copper peptide product called Tricomin. Tricomin is a hair loss prevention line of products produced by ProCyte Corporation. The products in the line include: a Conditioning Shampoo, a Deep Conditioning Treatment, a Restructuring Conditioner, a Revitalizing Shampoo and Solution Follicle Therapy Spray.

Tricomin products are unique because they use the Copper Peptide technology as a hair growth stimulant. The copper peptide ingredient is believed to help stop or reverse hair loss. Copper peptides have been proven to inhibit the enzyme 5 alpha reductase (5AR), which is responsible for the creation of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) that causes hair loss.

At any given time, the hair follicles on the scalp are in one of two phases: Resting or Growth. During the Growth phase, substances at the base of the follicle such as collagen and various Proteins are actively in production; during the Resting phase, they are virtually inactive.

If hair remains the Resting phase for an extended period, it can result in the development of bald spots or thinning hair. It is believed that the copper peptides in Tricomin can help shorten the Resting phase in the hair cycle, therefore, aiding in the stimulation and the development of the hair follicles.

Scientific background for Copper Peptide and Amino Acids to treat hair growth
Copper is an important part of the biological makeup of our bodies and aids in melanin production, crosslinking of free radicals and hair is relatively rich in copper. Conversely, as we age the copper levels often decrease in our bodies when needed most.

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