FUT Scars

FUT in a Keloid-prone Patient

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This patient came to see Dr. Arocha with a history of two previous keloid formations after some scalp procedures done by another physician. Dr. Arocha recommended that he consider doing...
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FUT Scar on Dark Hair

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These are photos of a fully-healed FUT hair transplant scar on dark hair.

FUT Scar on Blond Hair

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These photos show what an FUT hair transplant scar looks like on blond hair

Hair Transplant Scar

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This is an image of a fully-healed hair transplant scar.

FUT Hair Transplant Scar


This shows the fully-healed scar of a patient who underwent an FUT hair transplant.

Post-2000 FUT Scar

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This photo shows the scar of a patient who had a 2000 FUT hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Scar

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FUT scar correction. Dr. Arocha used FUE to hide an existing FUT scar.