FUT Male

Male 2500 FUT Hair Transplant

male 2500 FUT procedure

This patient came to Dr. Arocha for a hair transplant. His hair was thinning throughout the frontal third, and he wanted to restore his hairline. Dr. Arocha and team performed...
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Male 2000 FUT Hair Transplant

thumb DC10922 1024

This patient came to Dr. Arocha because he noticed thinning in his hairline and frontal third. Dr. Arocha recommended a treatment plan that included a 2000 FUT procedure and Propecia....
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3000 Graft FUT Hair Transplant

thumb DSC 3480 1024

When this patient first came to Dr. Arocha, he had significant thinning. Dr. Arocha performed a 3000 graft FUT procedure. The "after" images were taken approximately four years after his...
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Crown Hair Transplant

1 front after 2

This patient came to Dr. Arocha to restore his crown with a hair transplant. Our team performed a 2500 FUT (strip) procedure in the crown. The after images were taken...
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2500 FUT Hair Restoration Procedure

4 side before 1 1

This patient in his early 30's was experiencing severe thinning throughout the frontal third. He wanted Dr. Arocha to restore his hairline and add some additional density. Dr. Arocha performed...
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