FUT Male

2500 Graft Combination FUT and FUE

After hair transplant

This patient came to Dr. Arocha for a 2500 graft combination FUT/FUE procedure to address the thinning he was experiencing throughout his frontal third. Dr. Arocha and his team did...
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2500 Graft FUT Hair Transplant

Houston hair transplant

This patient came to see Dr. Arocha because he wanted to address the thinning that he was experiencing in his hairline/frontal third. Dr. Arocha did a 2500 graft FUT procedure...
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1500 Graft Hair Transplant

1500 graft hair transplant

This patient had a 1500 graft FUT procedure with Dr. Arocha and team. He had some wonderful, curly hair, but he was starting to notice diffuse thinning, which is when...
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Hair Transplant | 1800 Graft FUT

male hair transplant

This patient came to Dr. Arocha three years ago to begin his hair transplant journey. Even though he has curly hair, he was beginning to notice thinning in his hairline/frontal...
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1500 Graft FUT Hair Transplant

1500 graft FUT hair transplant

This patient came in with diffuse thinning. Dr. Arocha and team did a 1500 graft FUT procedure, along with a PRP at the time of his procedure. The patient is...
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