FUT Female

Female FUT Hair Transplant

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This female patient came in to see Dr. Arocha because she had frontal temple recession. She wanted to restore the feminine frame to her face, so Dr. Arocha and team...
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African American Female FUT Hair Transplant

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Dr. Arocha and his team performed a 1200 FUT on this African American female patient. The results were taken 7 years after her initial procedure.

Female FUT Hair Transplant Procedure

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This female patient had frontal temporal thinning, secondary to female-pattern hair loss. We were able to restore her hairline and density with a 2000 FUT procedure, combined with a PRP/ACell...
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Hair Transplant for Female Pattern Hair Loss

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Hair Transplant Sessions: 1 Grafts Implanted: 2000 Female Hair Restoration Surgical Procedure: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT/Strip) This patient in her 50's was concerned about the progressive thinning of her hair....
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