FUE Hair Procedures

Norwood Pattern FUE Procedure

4 side before 5

This patient with a norwood pattern underwent a 2000 FUE procedure with Dr. Arocha and team. The after images were taken 7 months after his initial procedure.

Natural FUT and FUE Hair Transplant

5 back before 2 1024x683 1

This patient had two separate procedures with Dr. Arocha. He initially had a 3146 FUT (strip) procedure. Two years later, he underwent a 2000 FUE (follicular unit excision) procedure. He...
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Natural FUE Hair Transplant

13 side before 1024x683 1

This patient had a 2500 FUE procedure with Dr. Arocha and his team. Some of the "after" images were taken immediately after his procedure. The rest of the "after" photos...
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FUE ARTAS Robotic Procedure

2 top down before 2

This patient came in to see Dr. Arocha for his state-of-the-art FUE ARTAS Robotic procedure. The procedure was approximately 2500 grafts, and the after images were taken one year after...
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