FUE Hair Procedures

2506 Graft FUE Hair Transplant

thumb DC13920 1024

This patient with fine hair came to Dr. Arocha because he was starting to experience some pretty significant hair loss throughout his final third. He and Dr. Arocha agreed on...
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2500 Graft FUE Hair Transplant

thumb DC14929 1024 1

This patient began to have major diffuse thinning throughout. Dr. Arocha recommended a multi-step approach to his hair transplant journey. He had a 2500 graft FUE procedure, and these after...
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Male Hair Transplant Mega Session

5 side before 2 1024x576 1

Hair Transplant Sessions: 3 Grafts Implanted: 8700 Baldness Class: 6 Surgical Procedure: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT/Strip) This gentleman in his 60s with NW 6 wanted to restore as much of...
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2500 Male FUE Hair Transplant

9 side before 1

This patient came to Dr. Arocha for a 2500 FUE procedure. The after images were taken one year, 4 months after his procedure. There are also some photos that were...
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FUE Hair Restoration Procedure

9 top before 1

This patient came to Dr. Arocha for 2000 FUE procedure and a PRP treatment. The patient went home with a LaserCap Pro 300 unit. These after pictures are four months...
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FUE Hairline Transplant

13 side before 1024x576 1

Update: The last 8 images are the newest update at exactly one year after his procedure. This patient decided to undergo hair restoration to fill in his hairline. He underwent an...
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