FUE Hair Procedures

Male 2000 Graft FUE


This patient came in with diffuse thinning throughout his frontal third. Dr. Arocha and his team did a manual FUE with a .8 mm punch. The after images were taken...
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Male 2000 FUE + PRP

2000 FUE

This patient came to Dr. Arocha with diffuse thinning. He underwent a 2000 graft FUE procedure with our team, and he had a PRP treatment at the time of the...
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Male FUE + PRP + SMP


This patient came to Dr. Arocha with severe hair loss. He decided to do an FUE treatment of 1500 grafts. Dr. Arocha placed these grafts primarily in the hairline and...
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Male 1800 Graft FUE

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This patient came to Dr. Arocha to add some additional density to his hairline and to address the diffuse thinning that he started to see throughout his frontal area. Dr....
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2515 Graft FUE Hair Transplant

thumb DC13108 1024

This patient came to Dr. Arocha in 2019 to begin his hair transplant journey. He had severe thinning throughout the top of his head and wore a combover to conceal...
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