Facial Hair Restoration

Eyebrow Transplant – Female

IMG 1602

This patient came in to see Dr. Arocha with permanent eyebrow tattooing - and not a ton of natural hair. Dr. Arocha performed an eyebrow transplant. The after images are...
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Female Eyebrow Transplant

female eyebrow transplant

This patient came to see Dr. Arocha because she wanted thicker eyebrows. She wanted a more permanent solution, so Dr. Arocha and his team performed an eyebrow transplant. The after...
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Eyebrow Transplant on a Male Patient

eyebrow transplant

These are the before and after images of an eyebrow transplant. The after images were taken one year after the procedure.

Male Eyebrow Transplant

eyebrow transplant

This is a 7 month before and after eyebrow transplant on a male patient.

Eyebrow Transplant – 1 Week Update

thumb DC12804 1024

This patient wanted to thicken his eyebrows. Dr. Arocha performed an approximately 600 graft FUE eyebrow transplant. After images were taken just one week after his procedure, and we look...
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FUE Beard Transplant

thumb DC11538 1024

This patient came to Dr. Arocha because he wanted a facial hair transplant in his beard and mustache. He didn't have much growth in his mustache, and his beard was...
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Beard Transplant – Early Results

thumb DC15929 1024 1

This patient came in to see Dr. Arocha for a beard transplant procedure. Doc worked in the sideburns, cheek, goatee and mustache. The "after" images were taken just four months...
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Beard Transplant Procedure

10 side before 1

Update 1-09-20: The last three batch of images were taken 5 months after his procedure and the three above that were taken at 4 months following his initial procedure. This...
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