Ethnic Hair Restoration

Male FUE + PRP + SMP


This patient came to Dr. Arocha with severe hair loss. He decided to do an FUE treatment of 1500 grafts. Dr. Arocha placed these grafts primarily in the hairline and...
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African American Female FUT Hair Transplant

4 side before 1 1

Dr. Arocha and his team performed a 1200 FUT on this African American female patient. The results were taken 7 years after her initial procedure.

Total Hair Transplant Package

7 side before 1024x576 1

This patient underwent the total Arocha Hair Restoration package. He initially had a FUT procedure, followed by PRP (platelet rich plasma) and SMP (scalp micro-pigmentation). He had a 2000 FUT procedure...
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Follicular Unit Hair Transplant

5 side before 4

Dr. Arocha and his team performed a 2000 FUT (strip) procedure on this patient. The after results were taken 11 months after his procedure.