Corrective Restoration

FUT in a Keloid-prone Patient

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This patient came to see Dr. Arocha with a history of two previous keloid formations after some scalp procedures done by another physician. Dr. Arocha recommended that he consider doing...
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Hair Transplant Repair Case

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This is an example of a repair case. This patient had a previous transplant with a different surgeon, and he came to Dr. Arocha to repair his case. The before...
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Hair Restoration Repair Case

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This patient came to Dr. Arocha after having a procedure with a different doctor. His previous transplant did not work for him. At Dr. Arocha's office, he underwent an artistic...
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Hair Transplant Scar Repair with SMP

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This patient came to our office with a scar from a previous FUT procedure. He wanted to minimize the appearance of the scar using our minimally-invasive trico-pigmentation procedure. The after...
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