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Top 10 Articles About Artistic Hair Restoration in September 2011

Sometimes we post a funny story on this website or something that we found to be slightly interesting and the hair loss community flocks to it. Other times, we post a story here that we believe is extremely important and then are surprised that it doesn’t attract as many readers as expected. Since it can be a challenge to accurately predict how people will respond, we share what we find interesting and valuable and let the community sort it out.

To give you some insight into what the community was excited about in September, below is our list of the top 10 articles ranked by the number of article views during the month.

  1. Prediction for 2011: Further Advances in “Auto-Cloning” Hair
  2. Miss Delaware Goes Wigless for Alopecia Areata
  3. Wayne Rooney’s Bold Story Turning Heads
  4. The Truth About Hair Transplant Scars: What Every Patient Should Know
  5. How Young is Too Young for Hair Restoration?
  6. Top 10 Artistic Hair Restoration Articles from August 2011
  7. Post-Surgical Hair Loss
  8. Eyebrow Restoration
  9. Follicular Unit Extraction or Follicular Unit Isolation versus Strip Surgery
  10. Non-surgical Hair Replacement versus Follicular Unit Transplantation

As always, there are a few surprises. For instance, the article about eyebrow restoration is nearly five years old, yet it continues to attract a lot of attention. As noted in that article, modern hair transplantation techniques — including binocular microscopy, acute angling and dense packing — make the successful reconstruction of the eyebrow possible. Binocular microscopy allows the precise trimming of single hair follicular units devoid of any excess tissue but with all the essential anatomic structures that ensure it’s growth. Acute angling to make sites that are nearly flush to the skin, so that the hairs lay nearly flat. The use of micro blades and small caliber needles allow the creation of sites that are close together and heal rapidly.

Artistic eyebrow restoration is a highly nuanced procedure that demands technical skills, artistic knowledge and experience. Since this is obviously a topic that the hair loss community continues to be interested in, we will return to it in the coming weeks.