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Results of a 4,000 Unit Artistic Hair Transplant

When we recently posted the photos from this hair transplant on the Hair Restoration Network, we didn’t expect to spark a debate about the patient feedback we get. We described how some patients have told us that they like their post-transplant hair better than they liked their hair prior to experiencing hair loss. Some in the hair loss community said that was an exaggeration. For instance, the member who goes by hdude46 posted the following comment:

I think its unfair and misleading to say “Some patients have said that even before their hair loss, their hair was never been this good!” I think that’s ridiculous. A hair transplant creates an illusion of density, not a full head of hair. To think someone’s hair was worse before hair loss and then better with a hair transplant after losing significant native hair is absurd.

Others backed us up, saying that their post-transplant hair looks better and is easier to manage and falls just right. We are happy to be able to share our patient results with before-and-after photos. The after photos below show the results at seven months post-transplant for a male patient who underwent a 4,000 follicular unit transplant.


The fact is that our patients love their post-transplant hair and some really have told us they are happier than they ever have been with the way their hair looks. Unlike the hair we are born with, transplanted hair gives a skilled hair restoration surgeon the advantage of being able to angle the hair so it falls naturally. It is the artistic component of hair restoration.

Nonetheless, it is a good discussion to have because sometimes it can be a challenge to articulate how transformative a hair transplant can be for a man or woman. Patients do a better job than we could ever do. For instance, we recently saw an online review on Citysearch from a patient reporting on his experiences with Arocha Hair Restoration. Here’s an excerpt:

My new hair looks phenomenal. Any licensed/trained doctor can perform the procedure, but can he/she perform it WELL? Hair transplantation is an art: Does the hair ‘fall’ naturally? Does the hairline look fake? Does the density appear natural? I live and work in Europe, and have seen many guys over here with very obvious transplants because their hair just doesn’t look right. But my hair looks 100% natural. In fact, it ‘falls’ so perfectly that I think I look even better than I did as a teenager.

We love it when our patients let each other know about their experiences and what to expect. Here are several more before and afters from the same patient showing the top of the head and his excellent results.