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More Happy Patients Tell Their Stories

We encourage hair restoration patients to do plenty of research prior to selecting a hair restoration specialist. Meet with the doctor who will perform the procedure to make sure you like their approach. Review their experience and be sure to check their before-and-after photos. We offer more guidance in the article, “Tips for Finding Your Hair Restoration Surgeon.”

Of course, nobody’s opinion matters more to patients than other patients. So we once again are pleased to pass along some of the things that are being posted online about Arocha Hair Restoration. While we encourage patients to share their stories for the benefit of others experiencing hair loss, we do not incentivize them or reward them monetarily or through services. These are objective stories about their experiences with Dr. Arocha and his team at Arocha Hair Restoration.

The following review was posted on Citysearch. We encourage you to visit this and other review sites to read all the patient testimonials.

Couldn’t be Happier!

by JH16 at Citysearch

I had my 4,500 graft procedure last April, and I could not be more pleased with my early results. Less than 6 months after the surgery, I’m already getting compliments, and I feel like I have a whole new head of hair.

Surgery day was very pleasant. The facility in Houston is top notch! I brought dvds to watch during the procedure, but I enjoyed Dr. Arocha’s iPod playlist so much, I just listened to it the entire time.

Recovery was exactly as he outlined, the most difficult part being sleeping comfortably the first few days after.

Craig, Maria, and Jose (I think that was his name) answered every question, kept me comfortable, and have continued to be extremely helpful in the months following.

I highly reccomend chosing Dr. Arocha for your hair restoration. He truly is an artist!

Also, here is the most recent review posted on InsiderPages:

Arocha Hair Restoration

by Steve F. on June 18, 2011

For the last ten years I have been researching and considering a hair transplant. Looked at all the big names in the biz and came across Dr. Arocha on the Hair Transplant Network.

Dr. Arocha was very patient with me as I came in for three consultations where he answered all my questions.

I finally decided it was time and made an appointment.

Dr Arocha and his staff made me feel completely at ease and comfortable. It was like having a good friend do your hair transplant. I had a 4000 graft procedure that lasted 6 hours and honestly it felt like very little time passed. ( I was dead asleep during the harvesting so that helped) No pain or discomfort to speak of.

After it was over I expected to see bloody holes all over my head but you couldn’t see any evidence of the transplant! But I could definitely feel all the bristly new hairs. I am writing this 3 days after the procedure. I think the hardest part is waiting to see my new hair come in. I highly recommend Dr Arocha and his staff.

A big “thank you” to all the patients who have taken the time to share their stories online. This type of feedback and their firsthand accounts of what to expect are extremely valuable to the hair loss community.