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How a Receding Hairline Can Be a Thing of the Past

Put your receding hairline and bald spot behind you with the newest innovations in hair loss restoration. A variety of options exist to combat hair loss, including surgical procedures that use hair transplanted from other areas of your head for a natural look, as well as medical treatment products like Rogaine and Propecia.

Dr. Arocha and his expert team at Arocha Hair Restoration have extensive experience in both follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedures and follicular unit transplantation (FUT), the two leading surgical procedures for recreating a natural hairline. Dr. Arocha also takes advantage of the most modern advancements in hair loss restoration, utilizing the ARTAS Robotic System during FUE for a procedure that is more precise and produces fewer scars.

Hair Restoration Surgery in Dallas

FUE and FUT can produce a hairline that is incredibly realistic because it uses your own hair. During FUE procedures, individual follicular units are removed one-by-one using a circular punch. FUT requires the removal of a small strip from the back or sides of the scalp. Follicular units are then separated from the strip and the strip removal site is sutured closed.

Both procedures offer specific advantages and can restore receding hairlines. Scarring for both procedures is minimal and can be covered up with surrounding hair. Because FUE doesn’t require strip removal, it further minimizes scarring and allows shorter hairstyles to be worn without the fear of visible scarring.

How To Fix a Receding Hairline

While medical treatment options can’t completely restore hair loss and hair follicles, they are capable of making a noticeable difference in the progression of hair loss. Rogaine with minoxidil and Propecia with finasteride are the only two products on the market that have currently provided verified results in minimizing hair loss. When combined with hair restoration surgery, Rogaine and Propecia can help prevent further hair loss and accelerate hair regrowth.

Other treatment options exist that have also been shown to make a difference in hair growth for some patients. Talk to a hair loss specialist if these new and exciting treatment options interest you.

Dr. Arocha is ready to offer you the latest in hair restoration treatments. If your receding hairline has taken a toll on your self-confidence, and you want to know how to fix a receding hairline, schedule a consultation with Dr. Arocha. Together, he will work with you to create an individualized plan that will restore your hairline and combat further hair loss. Call Arocha Hair Restoration today at 713-526-HAIR to schedule your first appointment.