Alabama Researchers Turn Back the Clock

Medical Treatment for Hair Loss

It’s not often you see the same news story reported in the science publication Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News and the iconic fashion magazine Vogue. But Keshav Singh, Ph.D., and...
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Nonsurgical Hair Restoration Techniques

Millions of men and women are unfortunately familiar with the debilitating effects of genetic hair loss. While hair transplants can provide balding patients with restorative and transformative results, a one-size-fits-all...
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PRP and Hair Restoration

Millions of men and women across the nation experience the disruptive effects of genetic hair loss. While science continues to unravel and deepen our understanding of male and female pattern...
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How Hormones Affect Your Hair

Hair loss is an unavoidable part of life for most men and women as they age. Hair transplantation surgery and various medications and medicated treatments can successfully stop hair loss...
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