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3 Effective Hair Loss Treatments for Men

As a man, going bald is an unfortunately expected and accepted part of the aging process. While male pattern baldness does affect the majority of men—especially those who are middle-aged—effective hair loss treatments exist to help you overcome your thinning hair. Letting your hair loss progress without seeking treatment may even limit your available treatment options, so schedule a consultation with a hair restoration expert as soon as you notice any signs of male pattern baldness.

At Arocha Hair Restoration and Transplant Center, Dr. Arocha stays at the forefront of hair restoration by offering the latest advancements to his patients. Whether your hair loss has been progressing for years and you are ready to explore your options, or you are interested in proactive measures to ensure your youthful and thick hair is here to stay, Dr. Arocha can provide a solution.

Jumpstart Hair Growth with Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is one of the newest and most exciting treatment options for men with thinning hair. PRP Therapy is an injectable treatment that utilizes the nutrients and growth factors already present in your blood to jumpstart hair growth. At the start of a PRP appointment, Dr. Arocha will draw a small amount of your blood and then purify it in a centrifuge, separating the unneeded blood cells from the nutrient-dense plasma. Dr. Arocha then injects the prepared PRP into various areas of your scalp, targeting the sections that need the most attention.

PRP Therapy can benefit patients who have recently begun to notice thinning hair, patients who have been struggling with hair loss for years or even patients who just received hair transplants and want to maintain their improved look for years to come. The procedure is entirely autologous–meaning everything used is obtained from your own body—so the risk for unexpected complications or adverse side effects is completely avoided.

PRP treatments can be repeated as necessary, and Dr. Arocha will work with you individually to determine a personalized treatment plan that provides you with optimal results. Topical and local anesthesia ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the duration of the procedure. Once the PRP is injected, your follicles will enjoy a much-needed boost of nutrients to help accelerate their growth. With minimal side effects and no downtime required, this effective procedure is becoming a regular part of many men’s hair care routines.

Increase Scalp Blood Flow with Low-Level Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is an additional option for men interested in comprehensive hair care. With this advanced treatment, red-light lasers are used to warm the scalp and increase blood flow to the area. Increasing the flow of blood will bring extra nutrients to the follicles, providing a surge of growth factors that may help the follicles produce denser hair. While LLLT is a relatively new treatment and is still actively being researched, some patients have incorporated it into their hair care routine in an effort to approach their hair loss from every angle.

The treatment can be administered in-office using a laser device or may be performed at home using LLLT devices like the LaserCap. Either way, the treatment produces no side effects and does not require any downtime. While not every patient experiences an immediate improvement with LLLT, the risks are nonexistent. Any patient who would like to explore all of their hair restoration options should consider implementing it into their care plan.

Rebuild Your Hairline with Hair Transplants

Hair transplants are by far the most effective method for restoring thinning hair. Some prospective hair transplant patients are put off by the idea of transplants because of how poor results used to be. Modern hair transplants, however, have far surpassed the outdated “hair plug” method and are capable of completely rebuilding your hairline using natural hair from other areas of the scalp. Follicular unit excision (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT) are the two main methods of hair transplantation surgery utilized by Dr. Arocha, with both providing transformative and satisfying results.

Good candidates for hair transplants are patients with mild to moderate hair loss on the top of the scalp. Donor hair is typically taken from the back and sides of the scalp, so patients need to have a sufficient amount of hair left in those locations to be able to rebuild their hairlines. If you have been experiencing thinning hair for some time and your bald spots have continued to grow in size, it may be time to consider transplants while they are still an option.

After hair transplantation surgery, you can expect your new hair to last long into the future. Surrounding preexisting hair, however, will continue to be affected by male pattern baldness. Hair transplants are not meant to be a complete cure for baldness, so make sure you are prepared to adopt a comprehensive hair care plan that utilizes Rogaine, Propecia, PRP Therapy and other treatment options to experience long-lasting results.

Schedule Your Consultation at Arocha Hair Restoration and Transplant Center

Fighting off male pattern baldness can be tricky to do on your own. If you are suffering from the effects of age-related hair loss, schedule a consultation with Dr. Arocha. He will answer all of your hair loss related questions during an in-person consultation, helping you understand the science behind male pattern baldness and the most effective hair restoration options available. To begin your hair restoration journey, give Arocha Hair Restoration and Transplant Center a call today at 713-526-HAIR or 713-526-4247.