Choosing a Hair Restoration Surgeon


Surgical hair restoration technologies and techniques have become extraordinarily advanced over the years. Procedures such as Follicular Unit Extraction, the ARTAS® Robotic System, and others have taken hair replacement from...
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Hair Restoration: Myth and Legend

Throughout the centuries mankind has hopelessly searched for that elusive fountain of youth. Mythology has long associated strength and virility with a full head of hair, as illustrated in the...
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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

One day we are staring in the mirror at our full head of hair and the next thing you know we are wearing a baseball cap to hide our receding...
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Towards Painless Anesthesia

Hair Restoration surgery is a relatively painless procedure with the possible exception of the anesthesia part of the procedure. It is peculiar but true that the part of the procedure...
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Arocha Total Hair Restoration Process

For the man with hair loss, who has good donor density and favorable hair characteristics, the Arocha Total Restoration procedure can produce excellent results in less than one year. This...
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Early Treatment of Hair Loss

Men and women with hair loss usually fallow a chronic and progressive course . The vast majority of the men and women who are affected by hair loss have pattern...
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