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We are now conducting non-urgent consultations virtually via FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom. If you’re ready to book a procedure, in-person consultations are held the day before or the day of the procedure. This is to further minimize exposure to all involved. Visit our COVID-19 FAQ page for additional information regarding consultations and procedures or call us at 713-526-4247.

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Hair Restoration has helped both men and women boost their self esteem and confidence. View Our Before and After Hair Loss Treatment gallery to see for yourself; Hair Restoration enhances hair growth permanently, naturally and undetectably.

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Hair Transplant Testimonials

After just one session with Dr. Arocha you can barely tell any difference between the transplanted hair and the native. Truly a gifted artist!”
– Viren K.

Dr. Arocha is performing outstanding, state of the art hair restoration surgery. He is one of an elite few surgeons who is helping to set a new standard in the field.”
– Spencer Kobren
author, radio talk show host, “The Bald Truth”

I highly recommend doing this if you think that you are losing your hair. I had great results with Dr. Arocha and I would not look as young as I do without it.”
– Jose G.

Arocha Hair Restoration & Hair Transplant Center

Watching my patients’ self-esteem soar and listening to my patients express their gratitude for changing their lives has had a profound impact on my practice.

– Dr. Arocha

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A skilled, board-certified hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Arocha embraces the latest hair restoration techniques to provide patients with effective treatments and results that look natural. Dr. Arocha has dedicated his career to helping both men and women successfully restore their hair.

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Dr. Arocha is conducting virtual consultations for patients outside of Houston. Call us today at 713-526-4247 to schedule your virtual appointment.